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Bioinformatic in Bangladesh

Bioinformatics is an emerging field in both biological science and data science. It is a promising research field in developing country like Bangladesh. Because It doesn’t require traditional research lab like microbiology lab. It doesn’t require huge ammount of funds too.
Currently, No university is offering this program in Bangladesh both in bachelor and MSc. Only one university named University of Development Alternate offers this program for bachelor degree. Other universities include bioinformatics as a semister course in their Microbiology, Genetics and Biochemistry department.
Several institution has started bioinformatics training program as their own.
They are:
1. cBlast, Dhaka university. It is under the department of biochemistry. It is an online program. It includes 10 courses such as basic bioinformatics, chemoinformatics and computer aided drug designing, linux, basic python programming etc. Each course charges 5000 BDT. It is a nice platform to learn bioinformatics.
2. Red Green Research center. This training center is directed by Dr. Md. Abdul Halim. They have also online programm. They teach the students hands on training. They are a big team. They arrange 3/4 training program each year. Each programm is for 3 days and 30 days research project. They have published many research papers on bioinformatics and computational chemistry.
3. Bio Bio -1 is another popular bioinformatics learning group started by few students of Dhaka university.
4. MMDDL, BCSIR, chattogram. They are as like as red green research center. This laboratory is supervised by Dr. Md. Zahid Hossen.

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