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My Most Favourite Song Paragraph

Paragraph : My Most Favourite Song

There are many songs that appeal to my mind. In fact, the list of my favorite songs is rather long. But if I am asked to choose my most favorite song, I have to mention just one that comes to my mind instantly. The song is known as ‘Dhana dhanyo pushpo bhora.’ This song is written and composed by the great poet and lyricist Dwijendralal Roy, popularly known as D.L. Roy. This is a song of patriotism which reflects the glory of our motherland. This is the queen of all the lands on this earth and it is made of dreams and enfolded with memories. The song is a tribute to the matchless natural richness of our motherland. Throughout the song, we have vivid descriptions of the wonderful natural blessings, love, and affection that we enjoy in this land. The song ends with the yarning that the land that nurtured us from our birth will be the place of our final breath on earth. A sense of pride fills me when I listen to this composition. I salute my motherland as I listen to this song. It depicts our love and respect for our own country and nation. There is one more reason why this song is so close to my heart. I grew up listening to this song. Every time I listen to this song, I go back to my mother’s lap and hear her melodious voice singing “Sokol desher rani she je amar jonmobhumi”.

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