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HSC Right form of verb board question 2022

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HSC Right form of verb board question 2022

1. Dhaka Board 2022

When  I was a child (a) —–(be) afraid of the dark, and I always (b) —— (go) to sleep with a light on. Even then, I feared that monsters (c) —– (climb) in through my bedroom window and kill me. And Every sound I (d) —– (hear) struck fear into me. Often, I ran away from the room and (e) —– (sleep) on the floor at the foot of my parents’ bed.  Now that I (f) —– (be) almost twenty years old, I obviously do better than what I (g) —– (do) as a child. However, I (h) —– (be) still scared of bedtime. I dislike (i) —– (sleep) alone, and I still keep a tiny night-light on. And before I go to bed, I double-check every door and every window to make sure that they (j) —– (be) locked. Indeed, imaginary begins do not invade from outside, they exist in our superstitious beliefs.

Answer: a) was; b) used to; c) would climb ; d) heard; e) slept; f) am; g) did; h) am; i) sleeping; j) are.

2. Cumilla Board 2022

(a) —– (acquire) knowledge is not limited to any age or time. It can (b) —– (gain) by any person all through the life. It (c) —– (be) like unlimited wealth which can never (d) —– (develop) with his dedication, patience and continuity. A Person (f) —– (have) some new knowledge through regular observation and experimentation. The progress of human being largely (g) —– (depend) on the growth of knowledge in various fields in positive and constructive ways. For example, Newton (h) —–  (discover) a theory of gravitation and there are many famous scientists who (i) —– (invent) amazing things (j) —– (make) life easy on the earth.

Answer: a) Acquiring; b) be gained; c) is; d) be finished; e) develops; f) may have; g) depends; h) discovered; i) invented; j) making/ to make.

3. Chattogram Board 2022

Parents (a) — (be) blessings of God to us. When a child (b) — (bear), their joys (c) — (know) no bounds. They (d) — (start) (e) — (think) of (f) — (nurse) and (g) — (bring) up their children. They (h) — (remain) safe under the custody of their parents since birth. Parents never mind (i) — (take) pains for the upbringing of their offspring. We (j) — never (offend) our parents.

Answer: a) are (b) is born (c) know (d) start (e) thinking (f) nursing (g) bringing (h) remain (i) taking (j) should never offend

4. Sylhet Board 2022

COVID-19 (a) —— (transmit) when people (b) —–(breathe) in air contaminated by droplets and small airborne particles (c) —– (contain) the virus. The risk of breathing these in (d) —– (be) highest when people (e) —– (be) in close proximity, but they (f) —– (inhale) over the longer distances, particularly indoors. Transmission also (g) —– (occur) if splashed or (h) —– (spray) with contaminated fluids in  the eyes, nose or mouth, and rarely via contaminated surfaces. People remain contagious for up to 20 days, and (i) —– (spread) the virus even if they (j) —– (not develop) symptoms.

Answer: a) was transmitted; b) breathed; c) containing; d) was; e) were; f) called inhale; g) occurred; h) sprayed; i) spread; j) didn’t develop.

5. Barisal Board 2022

Road mishap (a) — (happen) in our country almost every day. Recently it (b) — (rise) to an alarming rate (c) — (take) a heavy toll on human lives. The members of a family remain anxious if someone (d) — (travel) in a bus. In most cases, reckless driving (e) — (cause) road accidents. The drivers are in the habit of (f) — (violate) traffic rules. Road accidents can be (g) — (lessen) if the drivers drive their vehicles carefully. People should be conscious in this respect. While (h) — (cross) the road, they should be careful. Some people travel (i) — (climb) on the roof of the buses and trains. Traffic rules (j) —–(maintain) strictly with a view to controlling road accidents.
Answer: (a) happens (b) has risen (c) taking (d) travels (e) causes (f) violating (g) lessened (h) crossing (i) climbing (j) should be/must be/ought to be maintain.
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