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Recent General Knowledge Bangladesh and International Affairs

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Recent General Knowledge Bangladesh and International Affairs is discussed below. The article will be very useful for those of you who are appearing for various competitive exams. Inshallah!


Que: What is the current per capita income of Bangladeshi citizens?
Ans: 2 thousand 824 US dollars.

Que: What is the name of the first complete encyclopedia on Bangab- andhu, the liberation war and the development of Bangladesh?
Ans: Mujibpedia (Editor- in- Chief Dr. Kamal Chowdhury and Editor Farid Kabir).

Que: Bangladesh has recently touched the milestone of 1 lakh crore remittances through which banking?
Ans: Agent Bank.

Que: According to Economic Survey 2022, how many types of deposits are available in the bank?
Ans: 14 types.

Que: Which is the top country in sending female Police on the UN Peacekeeping missions?
Ans: Bangladesh.


Que: Where have gas reserves been found recently in the country?
Ans: Nadia, Shariatpur.

Que: What is the total length of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman tunnel?
Ans: 3.32 kilometers or 2.06 miles.

Que: What is the station number of Metrorail?
Ans: 17.

Que: What is the number of upazilas in the country?
Ans: 495.


Que: Who is the first woman president of Peru?
Ans: Dina Baluarte.

Que: What is the name of the world’s largest active volcano that erupted recently in Hawaii?
Ans: Mauna Loa.

Que: Who is the first elected woman president of Slovenia?
Ans: Natasha Pierce Musser.

Que: How many are the current member states of Commonwealth?
Ans: 56.

Que: Where will the 18th G- 20 Summit 2023 be held?
Ans: New Delhi, India (9-10 September 2023).

Que: Where is the 2022 climate conference ‘COP-27’ held?
Ans: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. (6-19 November 2022).


Que: What is the position of Bangladesh in the world in terms of population?
Ans: Eighth.

Que: Which is the top country in freshwater fish production?
Ans: India.

Que: How much is Bangladesh in the world in fresh or freshwater fish production?
Ans: Third.

Que: Which country is the world’s top carbon emitter?
Ans: China.

Que: Which is the top country in marine fisheries?
Ans: China.


Que: Which institution in India inaugurat- ed ‘Bangabandhu Corner’ and ‘Bangabandhu Garden’ recently?
Ans: National Institute of Technology (NIT) Assam.

Que: Who is the first Bangladeshi woman to conquer the Himalayan Dolma Khang peak?
Ans: Shayla Beethi.


Que: The final match of Football World Cup 2022 was held in Qatar on 18 December 2022 in which stadium?
Ans: At the ‘Lusail Iconic Stadium’ in Lusail City, Qatar.

Que: The ‘FIFA World Cup Football 2026’ (23rd season) will be held in-
Ans: Jointly in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Que: How many teams will participate in the 2026 World Cup for the first time?
Ans: 48 teams.


Que: Who is the elected President of International Cricket Council (ICC)?
Ans: Greg Barkley.

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