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Price Hike Paragraph

Price-hike is a serious bane on the economy of Bangladesh at present. The vast majority of the consumers are very badly affected by the continual hike in prices of the daily necessaries. Price-hike is caused by a short supply of commodities or by the syndicate. The price-hike that results from the short supply of commodities is temporary. The prices come down if their supply is increased. But the price-hike caused by syndicate cannot be controlled by easy efforts. Whatever may be the cause, price-hike brings about a lot of hardship and suffering to the lower income-class people. They find it difficult to make both ends meet. They have to go without many things that are necessary to lend a tolerable life. The poorer sections of the people are the hardest hit. Price-hike leads to widespread corruption and moral degradation. It can be controlled by coordinated efforts of the government especially the law enforcement agencies and the businessmen.

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