Question 05: Distinguish between reversible process and irreversible process.


Reversible Process Irreversible Process
1. A thermodynamic process in which any sort of change in the external condition, starting from a given initial condition can be brought back in the opposite direction so that, the working substance passes through exactly the same state in all respect is known as reversible process. 1. The thermodynamics process, in which the working substance does not remain its original state after it changes thermodynamically, is called irreversible process.
2. The process is slow. 2. The process is rapid.
3. It is a kind of spontaneous process. 3. It is not a kind of spontaneous process.
4. In reversible process thermodynamic system maintains equilibrium. 4. In irreversible process thermodynamic system does not maintain equilibrium.
5. In the thermodynamic system undergoing this change no loss is observed. 5. While undergoing irreversible change, the irrecoverable loss is observed.
6. The entropy remains constant in reversible process. 6. The entropy increases in irreversible process.


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