Newspaper Report:
▣ Write a newspaper report on increasing harassment of women and suggest measures to control it.
09 May 2022
The Editor
The Daily Star

I would like be grateful if you please publish the following letter in your esteemed daily.

Your Faithfully

Harassment against Women

Dhaka is an over populated area as it is the center of Bangladesh. But it is a matter of regret that many of the stalkers are disturbing the school, college-going girls everyday. Even many political-based young stalkers threat them to their life. If they don’t respond their (stalkers) responses, they (girls) have to stop the daily activities outside the houses or being victimized by stalkers. As the stalkers are not successful in their attempts, they take time by forelock by taking part in rape, acid throwing etc. We should, therefore, draw the attention of the government to enforce law to stop stalkers, making awareness among us through pamphlet, drawing cartoon, warning stalkers by their parents, giving exemplary punishment.


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By Mithu Khan

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