Adverb একটি part of speech যা একটি verb, adjective অথবা অন্য একটি adverb কে বর্ণনা করে। এটি কখন? /কোথায়? / কিভাবে? / কি উপায়ে? / এবং কি পরিমাণে? এই প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর দেয়।


  • The girl speaks fluently in English.

এখানে “fluently” বর্ণনা করছে “the girl” কিভাবে English এ কথা বলছে । তাই এটি একটি  adverb.

  • The tea is very hot.

এখানে “very “ বর্ণনা করছে চা কতটা গরম । তাই এটি একটি  adverb.

  • The boy is running so fast.

এখানে “so” বর্ণনা করছে ছেলেটি কত দ্রুত দৌড়াচ্ছে এবং “fast” বর্ণনা করছে ছেলেটি কিভাবে দৌড়াচ্ছে । উভয়েই adverb, “so” modify করছে আরেকটি adverb “fast” কে এবং “fast” modify করছে একটি verb “run” কে ।

Adverb এর প্রকারভেদঃ

Function (ব্যবহার) এর উপর ভিত্তি করে adverb-কে প্রধানত তিন ভাগে ভাগ করা যায়।

  • Simple or Independent Adverbs.
  • Interrogative Adverbs.
  • Relative Adverbs.

1. Simple or Independent Adverb- আট ভাগে ভাগ করা যায়।

  1. Adverbs of Place. (where)
  2. Adverbs of Time. (when)
  3. Adverbs of Manner. (how)
  4. Adverbs of Frequency.
  5. Adverbs of Quality or Degree.
  6. Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation.
  7. Adverbs of cause and Effect.
  8. Adverbs of Order.

Adverbs of place: Where দ্বারা verb কে প্রশ্ন করলে Adverbs of Place পাওয়া যায়।


  • I went there. (where went? = there)
  • She lives here. (where lives? = here)
  • There is a pond near the house. (where is? = near)
  • Air is found everywhere. (where is found? = everywhere)

Adverbs of Time: When দ্বারা verb কে প্রশ্ন করলের্ Adverbs of Time পাওয়া যায়।


  • She will come late. (when will come? = late)
  • I came back soon. ( when came? = soon)
  • Did you see me before? (when did see? = before)
  • We shall go tomorrow. (when shall go ? = tomorrow)
  • We rise early in the morning. (when rise? = early)
  • We will go then. (when will go? = then)
  • What are you doing now? ( when doing? = now)
  • He always comes to our house. (when comes? always)
  • She gives us milk daily. (when gives? daily)
  • I will ever love you. (when love? = ever)
  • She will never come back. (when come? = never)
  • The child was born two months ago. (when was born? = ago)
  • I have already completed my work. (when completed? already)
  • If you are in danger, telephone me immediately. (when telephone? = immediately)

Adverbs of Manner: Verb, adjective বা adverb কে how দ্বারা প্রশ্ন করলে Adverbs of Manner পাওয়া যায়।


  • The boy walks slowly. (how walks? = slowly)
  • We work hard. (how work? = hard)
  • You slept soundly. (how slept? = soundly)
  • The army fought bravely. (how fought? = bravely)
  • You thought wisely. (how thought? = wisely)
  • The pen writes well. (how writes? = well)
  • She reads loudly. (hoe reads? = loudly)
  • Get ready quickly. (how ready? = quickly)

Adverbs of Frequency: যে সব adverb ক্রিয়া কত বার সম্পন্ন হয়েছে তা বুঝায় তাকের্ Adverbs of Frequency বলে।


  • I have met him once in my life.
  • We usually do this.
  • They do not generally come here.
  • She sometimes comes to my house.
  • He occasionally invites me.

Adverbs of Quality or Degree: যে adverb কতখানি, কি মাত্রায়, বা কি পরিমান এই সব বুঝায় তাকে Adverbs of Quality or Degree বলে।


  • He has lost almost all his money.
  • I drank enough milk this morning.
  • He is quite happy.
  • He is too weak to walk.
  • Rice grows abundantly in Bangladesh.

Adverbs of Affirmation and Negation: এই ধরনের adverb গুলো হ্যাঁ বা না নির্দেশ করে।


  • No, he did not go there.
  • Yes, you are right.

Adverbs of Cause and Effect: যে adverb গুলো verb এর কাজ সংঘটিত হওয়ার কারণ বা ফলাফল নির্দেশ তাদের কে Adverb of Cause and Effect বলে।


  • You did not the work, consequently you failed in the exam.
  • I, therefore, hope that you will do the work.
  • He taught me how to do the sum and I did it accordingly.

Adverbs of Order: যে adverb গুলো verb কাজ সম্পন্ন হওয়ার ক্রম বা order নির্দেশ করে তাদের কে Adverbs of Order বলে।


  • First, we have to collect the money.
  • He came last but he finished first.
  • Secondly, we have to call a meeting.
  • Lastly we must arrange a picnic.

Interrogative Adverbs: এই adverb গুলো প্রশ্ন (Question) করার জন্য ব্যবহৃত হয়।


  • When did you go? (Time)
  • Where did you go? (Place)
  • How did you go? (Manner)
  • How are you? (অবস্হা বুঝাছে)
  • How much did he buy? (Quantity)
  • How often did he come? (Frequency)
  • Why did you go? (Cause)

Relative Adverbs: Interrogative Adverb প্রশ্ন করার জন্য ব্যবহৃত না হয়ে যদি দুটি sentence কে যুক্ত করার কাজে ব্যবহৃত হয় তখন এদের কে Relative Adverbs বলে।


  • I know the place where he lives.
  • I know the time when he will come.
  • This is the reason why he did not come.
  • This is the way how you should do the work.
  • This is the place where we sat down.
  • I know the process how you can do the sum.
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