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Hawa is a Bangladeshi movie which is trending on social media, youtube and everywhere.

The work of the movie ‘Hawa’ started in 2019. The movie was shot in Majdharia for 40 consecutive days. People of all generation like Hawa movie very much. Now If you try to watch Hawa Movie by download then you are in the right place .Read this article and Get your favourite movie Hawa in your device.

How to Download Hawa movie

In this article we provide you the right way to get this movie. For Download and Watch this movie you have to go down of this page and click on download it/watch it botton.

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Hawa is a Bangladeshi mystery-drama film which directed by Mejbaur Rahman Sumon.

This movie release date 29 July 2022. And its already release for public.  That why you can gets this movie here.

Hawa is movie of Chanchal ChowdhuryNazifa Tushi. And many other actor Acting on this movie like Sariful Razz, Sumon Anowar, Shohel Mondol, Nasir Uddin Khan, Rizvi Rizu among others. The movie is produced by Facecard Productions and Sun Music & Motion Pictures Limited.

Hawa Movie Review :

The trailer of ‘Hawa’ is floating in praise…!!

The work of the movie ‘Hawa’ started in 2019. The movie was shot in Majdharia for 40 consecutive days. The first poster of the movie was released at that time. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic Covid-19, the official poster of the movie was released last April. After that, the trailer was scheduled to be released on June 5, but it was released two days later due to the explosion in Chittagong’s Sitakunda. Discussions and waiting since then. Finally, ‘Hawa’ is on the threshold of liberation.

Even though the release date of the film has been announced after three long years of production, there is no lack of interest among moviegoers. As the reason for the film’s hugely popular song “Sada Sada Kala Kala”, the film’s director Mezbaur Rahman Sumon is also involved. Although “Hawa” is the director’s first film, Mezbaur Rahman Sumon is a director who has presented Bengali drama in a new way. Producer Mejbaur Rahman Sumon won the Merrill-First Alo Critics Award for his first drama ‘Dakhiner Jandata Khola, ‘Alo Ase-Alo Back Jaye’. Apart from this, several dramas produced by him have also won the appreciation of the audience.

Mezbaur Rahman Sumon’s first movie, so waiting for something exceptional, when we all are eagerly waiting, he surprised us by releasing the first poster of the movie on April 1st. The level of interest and anticipation increased further when the 2 minute 26 second trailer was released on June 7th. There is no one who is not impressed by the trailer. Those who turn their noses up at Bangladeshi movies, the audience also praised the trailer of ‘Hawa’ on social media and even expressed their interest to watch this movie by going to the theatre.

As much as the trailer of the movie has been praised, it seems that the praise is a little understated. Color grading, BGM, camera work are all amazing. Especially the makeup of the artists is amazing. For this makeup, the makers can portray each character very fluently in the audience.

Although the people of the seashore are the main subject of the movie, it is fitting to say that ‘Hawa’ is not a story of the seashore but rather a story of the turbulent sea. In many movies or dramas, the story of the people on the sea shore is presented, but we do not see the story of those brave people in the middle of the sea. So in a way it can be said that Mezbaur Rahman Sumon and his team are going to present an original story based on various unknown and some known stories in this movie.

Apart from actors like veteran Chanchal Chowdhury, Najifa Tushi, Shariful Raj, Suman Anwar, Sohail Mondal, Nasir Uddin Khan, Rizvi and others acted in the movie ‘Hawa’. Nazifa Tushi said about her character, she cherished this character for six long months. Not only him, but everyone in the film forgot the individuality and merged into the role of ‘Hawa’.

Producer Mejbaur Rahman Sumon has been able to satisfy everything in songs, trailers, teasers, posters. Now it is to be seen how much he can satisfy in the original movie.

Movie info:

  • Name: Hawa
  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Language: Bangla
  • Director: Mejbaur Rahman Sumon
  • Written by : Mejbaur Rahman Sumon
  • Story by: Mejbaur Rahman Sumon
  • Dialogues: Sukorno Shahed Dhiman
  • Cinematography: Kamrul Hasan Khosru
  • Producer: Anjan Chowdhury Pintu
  • Star Cast: Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Sariful Razz, Sumon Anowar, Shohel Mondol, Nasir Uddin Khan, Rizvi Rizu and others
  • Edited by: Sazal Alok
  • Music by:  Emon Choudhury,Rashed Sharif Shoaib (background score)
  • Screenplay: Jaheen Faruque Ameen
  • Release date: 29 July 2022

Short Story of Hawa

The film revolves around eight sailors and a mysterious gipsy girl trapped in a fishing trawler without a destination in the deep sea. The story of the film is based on a fairy tale

Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Sariful Razz play lead roles on this movie. Chanchal Chowdhury is Very good actor.

Now we talk about how you can get this movie.

For Get this movie on you phone you have to click on download / watch botton from blew. After click you can get this movie from online.

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Hawa Full Movie Download HD - হাওয়া মুভি ডাউনলোড

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